April 1, 2009


Being inebriated to the point of not remembering things that you said and did is all well-and-dandy...
when you're a quiet inebriated perso
and when you like things like that.

but being that I am not quiet when I am drunk and I am rather reserved, the stories that I have been hearing have been extremelyy embarrassing. A few of them, so you may know what others had to deal with (since everyone here at school bore witness)

-falling 4- yes, FOUR- times. once was in the street.
-shouting my personal business around the entire party
-jetting across Broadway and thus almost being hit by three lanes of traffic that had just received the green light.

how i felt about my condition:

and then, I got an attitude with the one person that, throughout the whole night, stayed with me to make sure I didn't kill myself, tried to reason with me when I was being unreasonable, and was incredibly patient with me. More patient that I could have been with myself.


That's all that will be revealed about him, for now. But a song, that makes me smile everytime I hear it, because I think of him. And our crazy night of him protecting me from the ground and holding me close that night.