April 15, 2009

Love vs. Attention- a Remix

sorry i've been away...school is killing me .

but this has affected me so much that i had to share...
God sends His answer to your prayers and concerns in the funniest ways sometimes...He had to tell me about myself right here....

and He found the correct medium through which to do it.
funny how changing one word can change the song and it's affect.

Love vs. Attention
a remix of The Dream's Love vs. Money
by Rashad Campbell

he took my shawty
he took my girl
he took the any and everything out my world
he took my heart from me
he took my soul
i should've known money couldn't match [attention].
you cant say that i really just [ignored ya]
[over every break,you embraced me whenever i asked if i could touch ya]
quit acting like im the only one to blame
didnt hear you scream
when you were trippin off my [company]
and now im left here, to clean up your dirty laundry.

so kiss that niqqa.
hug that niqqa.
[attention] that niqqa to death.

in time you'll see the problem's yourself.

cuz when [attention's] your problem.
nothing can solve it.

cuz when [attention's] your problem.
[Love] can't solve it

[to her attention's a must]
she stays on the run.
you give her Love
she want's Attention
you give her Attention
she's back at Love