April 1, 2009

Summer time!

Beautifulll day today in the NYC! Blue skies, cumulus clouds......just made me anxious for the summer time.

hot sidewalks
cool parks
the wind around your legs

oh how i can't wait to bring out the skirts....=)

so...MY current pics for tracks that should be on your ipod this summer as you lounge poolside or ride in your golf carts or file paperwork at a boring internship....(its a long list, but all great songs)

Summer Soundtrack (Part 1):

typical track:
FloRida ft. Neyo: Be On You

cute lil track right here! Something to sing along to as you get ready to go out for the afternoon, or chillin out on Kelly Drive...

attitude track:
Latoya Luckett- She Ain't Got Shit on Me

love her attitude on this track, i actually like this one a lot...
still working on my mp3 links, sorry!

durty south track:
Dorrough Music: Walk that Walk

although i wouldn't condone this up north on a regular basis...in a pair of bad a$ stilettos at a club, i would love this

bang- this- in- your- car- at- 3- in- the- morning track:
Weezy: Cuff your Chick

this track, anytime anywhere. hands down love thissss