April 7, 2009

Pride & Prejudice

one of the few LitHum books that i LOVE!!

Pride & Prejudice
by Jane Austen

so instead of reading 184 pages last night, i watched the movie and read (up to page 36) at the same time. i LOVE the movie, and love this book.

it's set in the British countryside in the 1800s, and is centered around the Bennet family, and the marital woes of their 5 daughters. Elizabeth (the 2nd to eldest daughter) is the protagonist, and she is an opinionated, confident and intelligent young woman. She refuses to not speak her mind out of respect for someone's feelings or class, so her interactions with the upperclassmen (who think she is plain and inferior) are incredibly funny and bold. When two immensely wealthy (and, single!) young gentleman, Mr. Bingly and Mr. Darcy, come to town, the Bennet family is intent on having their daughters marry one of these men. At a ball, a Mr. Bingly is smitten with the eldest Bennet daughter, Jane, who is the most beautiful girl in the town. Elizabeth tries to approach Mr. Darcy,but he is a cold, arrogant man, and due to his superiority complex, he is quite short with Elizabeth and other party goers. He even insults Elizabeth while speaking to Mr. Bingly.
This party is the start of their apparently hateful relationship, but something more develops as the story goes on. As Mr. Darcy spends more time with Elizabeth, due to Jane and Mr. Bingly's growing love, a new side of Mr. Darcy comes out. This strong, proud and beautiful side is revealed as he falls for the spirited Elizabeth, and she for him.

it's quite a love story!!!
you should definitely check it out, especially the movie, because the movie is beautifully done and well acted. It does not stray far from the book at all.

Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy

one of the beautiful homes that they used in the movie

Elizabeth and Jane